Multiverse Campaign

Nazrek's Journal - Day 1


Personal Log – I’m going to keep this log for future reference. These events are strange. Stranger than I’ve experienced before.

The day started as normal as ever. I was simply going about my business in Snowrend’s Sustain hall when the most ridiculous thing happened. A portal just appeared near me; never in my days have I seen such a thing. I was in such shock that I didn’t have a chance to even react. The portal pulled me in and I felt myself being hurtled through the planes.

When my senses came back to me I was in an unfamiliar place with three others. It seems that they too had the same happen to them. Along the floor lay an obsidian magestone. It must have incredible power to have brought us all here. Indeed, each of us had a magestone but they were unspent. The obsidian magestone was the only one that seemed used but even then there was the traces of great magic within it.

I was thankful that I had kept a filled magestone with me. Who knows what state I would have ended up in without it. Did it protect me from the chaos of the planes? Or did this stone that somehow brought us all here; four separate people! Did it somehow do it? And who caused it to happen? We left the cave we were transported to and found ourselves in a great cavern. Life underground is not unknown to me but this is a strange and dangerous place.

We came across an Elven man named Lurceus. The elf had somehow transmuted himself to stone! He sought to stave off Death’s reach by doing so but I believe he has confined him to a terrible fate. For 150 years he’s been trapped here. An elf he may be, but that span of time as a stone? Unimaginable. I doubt he is right in the head after all that.

Lurceus told us of our location. We ended up in a plane called Dustland. One of Pook’s notorious prisons; he sends them here to rot without a way out. Lurceus claims he can open a portal out for us with our magestones if we free him from his stony fate. He speaks of berries or the aid of some cleric. However he warns us not to believe others’ tales of him? Strange, indeed.

Leaving Lurceus and exploring forward, we saved a young half-elf named Fang. The boy was scavenging when some Hook Horrors attacked him. He was born here in Dustland and agreed to lead us to a nearby town, Periot’s Reach. The town was a couple hours walk away.

At Periot’s Reach we met with the “mayor” of the town, a Wood Elf named Pollias. The elf was sent here through a portal without a magestone over a hundred years ago. The result was his utter maiming. If only my magic was stronger so that I might heal the man’s wounds. Alas, they are beyond my capabilities. Apparently many others were sent here in a similar fashion; the town is full of those mentally and physically scarred by both the banishment and the life here.

Pollias offered us a map and timepiece in exchange for our help saving some townsfolk who had gone missing. I could not turn away these people and was happy to help. Fang led us to the place where these men had gone missing. A pair of Ropers awaited us there; powerful beasts they were! I was laid low in the battle when the larger Roper suddenly engulfed me in his maw. Perhaps it was furious at the death of the other Roper; I’ve never seen one move so fast before. The man named Moss healed me once the beasts were slain.

Most of the townsfolk who had come here were slain already by these ropers but a pair of Githzerai had hidden themselves nearby. One named Gar came up and told of us his wounded companion Kiril and asked for our aid. I sensed no ill will in Gar and so I did my best to help the wounded Kiril, using some healing supplies and a bit of magic. We helped them return to Periot’s Reach afterward where Pollias gave us our reward and we rested for the day.

My thoughts on my companions:


A curious man. He said something about being a businessman at first; a preposterous lie; what business man is so skilled with a rapier and carries a Wizard’s spellbook? Still, he proved himself to be formidable in combat and with time through the day he told us more of his story. His father is a wizard named Adun; he was banished here years ago. Herod seeks him vehemently without ever having met the man himself. I worry for his sake that even if we find him his father may not be what he hopes.


I’ve yet to make up my mind about Jacob. A powerful fighter he is. I have no doubt about that. But for a self-named scholar he seems rather surprised by everything. Still, I’ve barely begun to know the man. As long as his halberd is on our side, I’m happy to work with him.


An interesting half-elf. With powerful magic and quick tongue, he seems to be a pleasant man. He helped me when I fell in combat so I trust him.


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